The Doctrine of Sin

Lesson 2

Course Questions

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1) Is man created in the image of God, upright, are children born perfectly pure or with a sin nature? (Gen.1:27; Ecc.7:29; Mk.10:14; Mt.19:14; Mt.18:3)


2) Is man guilty of sin before he commits sin? (Jn.8:34; Rom.7:9; 1Jn.3:8)


3) When are people in a state of rebellion against God after birth? (Rom.7:9)


4) Has sin been a choice since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden or a nature we are born with? (Gen.2:17; Gen.3:6)


Sin is twofold

5) What is the first category of sin? List some sample verses


6) What is the second category of sin? List some sample verses


7) What is the “old man” or “inbred sin”? (Eph.2:2)


8) What are some of the other various names for the “old man” or the “spirit and nature of the devil working in people”? (Rom. 6:6-12; Eph. 4:22-24; Col. 3:5-15; Eph. 2:3; Gal. 5:19; 1 Jn. 2:15-17; Rom. 7:24; (Rom. 6:11-12; Rom. 7:7-25; 8:2; (Rom. 8:1-13; (2 Cor. 4:4; Rom.7:5; Acts 26:18-20)

8) Is the “old man” the opposite of the “new man”? (Eph.4:22-24)



9) Is the “new birth” or the “new man” a creative act of God? (Eph.4:22-24; 2Cor.5:17)


10) Is the “new man” created by God in true righteousness and holiness? (Eph.4:24)


11) Can one be the “old man” and the “new man” at the same time?


“Living in the flesh”

12) What is “living in the flesh”?  Circle one:     Living in sin     Living in righteousness    (Rom.7:5)


13) Is “living in the flesh” a past experience for the believer in Christ who is now “born again” or the “new man”? (Rom.7:5)


14) Can a Christian talk of “living in the flesh” as their life experience?


15) Can anyone really serve two masters? (Mt.6:24)


16) Can anyone live in the flesh and have the Spirit of God and Christ in them? {Rom.8:9)


17) Is the one who is born again that practices righteousness as righteous as Christ is in this life? (1Jn.3:7)


18) Is everyone who commits sin of the Devil and a slave of sin? (1Jn.3:8; Jn.8:34)


19) Do born again believers commit sin? (1Jn.3:9; 1Jn.5:18)


20) Can the “old man” be spelled D–E–V–I–L or S–A–T–A–N?


21) So have you truly had your actual sins blotted out", "forgiven" and "pardoned" and has indwelling sin been purged," "cleansed," "purified" and "sanctified"?


22) Did sin originate with God or Satan? (Isaiah 14:12-14)


Before the fall man had power over the devil and every form of evil, but when man became sinful, the stronger set of rebels—the spirit beings under Satan's rule—became masters of the realm of man.

23) How do we obtain power over these spirits? (Mk.16:17-18; Jn.1:12; Eph.6:10-17)



24) Are all sins the same in their effect on our souls? (1Jn.5:16-18; Jn.19:11; Mk.3:29; Php.4:6-7; Eph.4:2; Matt.12:36-37; Mk.7:19-23, etc.)


25) List a few of the death penalty sins, maybe some you have struggled with in the past before you became a Christian (Matt. 12:36-37; Matt. 15:17-20; Mark 7:19-23; Rom. 1:24-32; 2:1,2; 1 Cor. 6:9-11; Gal. 5:15-21; Eph. 4:25 - 5:6; Acts 7:51; Col. 3:5-9; 2 Tim. 3:1-13; Titus 3:1-3; James 2:9-12; James 4:4; Luke 17:32,33; 2 Pet. 2:9-22; 1 John 2:15-17; Jude 8-19; Rev. 2:20; Rev. 9:20-21; Rev. 21:8; Rev. 22:18-19)



26) Are bad habits and worldly pleasures sin? (1Jn. 2:15-17; James 4:4; Rom. 12:1-2)


27) If you are a Christian will the world hate you and persecute you or love you? (Jn. 15:18-21; Jn. 17:14-16)


28) Are you truly saved from your sins? (Matt.1:21)

Let us all look at the Bible as the will of God, read it, study it and put it into practice!