Are people born with a sin nature?

Lesson 3

Course Questions

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1) Is doctrine of eternal importance? 1 Timothy 4:16


2) How did the doctrine of “original sin” or being born with a sin nature come into being?


3) Are people born with a sin nature? Gen.1:27; 1Cor.11:7; Acts 17:29; Ecc.7:29


4) Do people have to go against the nature they are born with in order to sin? Rom.2:14-15


5) Does Psalm 51:5 really prove we are born with a sin nature?


6) Who is David speaking of in this verse, himself of his mother?


7) Is the text of Psalm 51:5 figurative of literal?


8) According to Job 1:21, do people literally go back into their mothers  womb?


9) Is this text literal or figurative?


10) In Psalm 51, are verses 5,7, and 8 literal or figurative?


11) Can sin be purged with hyssop or only by the blood of Jesus? (v.7)


12) Does God break the bones of a Christian or anyone who sins when they sin? (v.8)


13) Does Psalm 58:3 actually teach the astonishing doctrine that all babies talk and tell lies from the very moment of their birth or is it figurative?


14) Was John the Baptist born with a sin nature or was he filled with the Holy Spirit from his mothers womb? Luke 1:15


15) Is the phrase “from the womb” often used in a figurative sense and not in a literal sense in the Bible?


16) Is Ephesians 2:3 speaking of the nature children are born with or the wicked character of adults as described in the previous verses 1 and 2?


17) Is Ephesians 2:1-2 speaking of people before conversion?


18) Does the word “nature” refer to the nature we are born with in Rom.2:14?


19) Does the word “nature” in the Bible ever refer to a sinful nature by birth?

20) Do children have the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven in them? Mk.10:14; Mt.18:3


21) Jesus said, “unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven’, was he saying unless people are converted and become as little sinners they will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven? Or was He saying unless people become innocent and pure like little children?


22) Are people spiritually alive before reaching the age of accountability? Rom.7:9


23) Do people die physically or spiritually at the age of accountability when the commandment reveals sin, sin comes to life and they die?


24) Is Job teaching that sinful parents cannot help but bear sinful children or is he teaching no one can bring other than frail and dying offspring from frail and dying parents? Job 14:1-6


25) If people are born with a sin nature, how could we escape the blasphemous conclusion that our Lord also was born a sinner?


26) Does the Bible teach that Jesus is God and was a real man like all other men, born with the same human nature as all other men and a true descendant of Adam, Abraham, and David? Lk.3:38; Rom.1:3; Heb.4:15; 2 Jn.1:7; Jn.1:14; Php.2:5-14


27) Since God himself testified that Job’s comforters did not hold the truth (Job 42:7), can the words of Eliphaz in Job 15:14 be taken as inspired truth?


28)  But suppose we did accept this verse as inspired truth, what does it teach?


29) How did sin come into the world? Rom.5:12


30) How did death come? Rom.5:12


31) What spread to all men, sin or death? Rom.5:12


32) If all people are responsible for Adam’s sin, how could there be even one who had not sinned according to the likeness of the transgression of Adam? Rom.5:14


33) How do people become corrupt? Deut.32:5


34)  When does the imagination of men’s heart become evil? Gen.8:21                                                                


Let us all look at the Bible as the will of God, read it, study it and put it into practice!